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art of reggae

The Art of Reggae Exhibition is a successful collaboration between Positive Vibration and the International Reggae Poster Contest.

The exhibition, which supports the Alpha Boys School in Kingston, Jamaica, showcases 100 reggae-inspired posters designed by illustrators & artists from all over the world, including Jamaica, Iran, Ghana, Brazil, Russia, the U.S, China, the UK and beyond.

As well as raising funds for the Alpha Boys School, the exhibition raises awareness of the fantastic work the school does. Set up in 1880 by the Sisters of Mercy, the school provides education and musical tuition to underprivileged youths in Kingston, Jamaica. Without it, we may not have reggae music, given the fact that its alumni includes The Skatalites, Rico Rodriguez, Desmond Dekker, Leroy ‘Horsemouth’ Wallace and Yellowman, amongst many other great musicians.


Given the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we've been unable to host our annual poster competition. It's from this competition that we shortlist our top 100 posters, which are then exhibited to the public. Rather than cancel this year's exhibition, we're going to do things slightly different. We'll be exhibiting 50 reggae-inspired posters - still incredibly beautiful and still designed by artists & illustrators from around the world. 

The 2021 Art of Reggae Exhibition will take place between 9 September - 12 September at 92 Degrees - Liverpool's original Roastery & Coffee shop, located on Jamaica Street in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool.

Further information TBA.


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