International Reggae Poster Contest

Following the exceptional response in previous years, Positive Vibration 2018 sees the return of The Art of Reggae Exhibition, in collaboration with The International Reggae Poster Contest (IRPC).  The exhibition, which will be hosted at Constellations from 6th June 2018, will showcase 100 reggae-inspired posters, designed by artists and illustrators from around the globe.  All posters will be available to purchase via silent auction.


The International Reggae Poster Contest is an initiative designed to celebrate positive international reggae culture. The contest highlights the globalisation of reggae and the resounding impact of its message. The contest was founded by Michael Thompson and Maria Papaefstathiou in 2011, with art submitted from all corners of the globe, such as Greece, Israel, Japan, Cuba and Iran.  This powerful synergy of reggae music and art is proof, if it were needed, that Jamaica’s finest export has touched the hearts and minds of billions with its positivity and radiance.

The Alpha Boys' School

Profits from the auction are donated to Alpha Boys’ School, the vocational institution for underprivileged youths located in Kingston, Jamaica and founded in 1880 by the Sisters of Mercy. This school is a great Jamaican success story, producing some of the most notable legends in the history of reggae, including Don Drummond of the Skatalites, Tommy McCook and Yellowman. This remarkable institution should be celebrated and supported by all those who admire and love reggae. Without this fertile training ground we might not have this positive global music.


The Jamaican High Commission included this year’s festival in its programme of events celebrating 55 years of Jamaican independence (Jamaica 55). We were honoured to receive from a delegation from the JHC, including Seth George Ramocan and his wife, Dr Lola Ramocan to the opening of 2017’s festival, at which Mr Ramocan and Maria and Dane from IRPC gave well-received speeches. 

The Bidding Process

Displayed posters will be available to buy through a silent auction system at the festival from 6th June 2018, with only one copy of each poster available.  All posters will be framed and will have a reserve price of £20.